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Forgot Password? Sign Up. Tips: If you have bought an iSkysoft Product, your account info is enclosed in the email. Yes No. Can’t find your answer in Quick Assistance? As you probably know, the iTunes infrastructure does a fine job at transferring or copying music from the computer or Mac to an iPhone, iPad or iPod. However, once you get an impressive collection of tracks purchased or downloaded from iTune Store, then you might consider transferring the playlists from your iPhone to your computer.

The interface consists of a modern interface split in 2 main sections. While in the left panel you can preview the categories of files you have of your iPhone, in the right section you can preview the contents and transfer them easily.

Let our customer service Expert help you. Contact us via Twitter 24 hours online before you buy, and ask your question via Online Form about technical questions.

All Rights Reserved. Login Login to view your order detail and manage your support ticket. How to retrieve the registration code Last Revised: How to Crop Videos on iPhone I will impart to you how to crop video on iPhone and demonstrate a rundown of best 5 applications that can be utilized to crop video on iPhone.

Here you can find some. This article tells you how to manually setup sharing location on iPhone. Here are the 10 best iPhone 6S video editors for you to choose from. Check them out right now! To enhance your experience with iPhone 6S, you must install a good photo apps for it. Here are the top 15 photo apps for iPhone 6S.

Top 10 Best Free Photo Booth Apps for iPhone Top 10 best free photo booth apps for iPhone for you to choose from to make your selfies unique, interesting and attractive! This tutorial would guide you to do the work step by step. Here are some tips for your iPhone internet connection. Don’t worry! Check out the solutions to make room for iOS 10 Update. This article is written to help you solve the problems easily.

It’s a simple work. This article shares you with 2 ways to transfer Gmail contacts to iPhone easily. There is always a solution.

This article analyzes the reasons for iOS 9 update failure and gives solutions. How to Transfer Photos to iPhone Here you can learn how to transfer photos from computer to iPhone, transfer photos from iPhoto to iPhone, save photos from Facebook to iPhone.

All people can handle it easily. Get in to learn how to do it according to your need. Check in to get one now! Here is the full guide for how to uninstall iOS 9. Now you can sync contacts from iPhone to Mac easily. Check them out right now. Check in to read and follow the way you want. Here are solutions to fix this problem.

Go on to read this article and try to solve the issue! Here is a step-to step instruction for you to backup SMS from iPhone to computer. Lucky for you, here we have top 10 free iOS 10 transfer. Besides, you can transfer contacts from iPhone to computer easily. If you do, you should follow the full guides here on how to do it in an easy and quick way. Read this guide and follow it to transfer videos from iPhone to Mac in 4 different ways. How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iTunes This article shares you with two ways to transfer photos from iPhone to iTunes on your computer.

Check in to read the detailed steps now! Here is a best software tool to help you switch from Android to iPhone 7. The step-by-step guide is included. Get the best solution here. Bluetooth Data Transfer: Transfer Data between Phones via Bluetooth Bluetooth data transfer is the most popular methods of transferring data from one device to another, whether tablets, smartphones or other mobile devices.

And get top 10 best Android theme for iPhone iPhone 7. Solution for ‘Failed to Transfer Music from iPhone to PC using Sharepod’ Sharepod is a very important piece of software for anybody that owns an Apple product or two,but using it in a Windows PC can cause a lot of problems. You need a solution for this.

Read on and learn the easy guide to transfer iPhone ringtones to iPhone. No worry, we will provide you 2 methods on how to get iPhone text message on iPad. Just follow the guide and merge iPhone contacts to delete duplicate contacts. Read it and see which way suits you more. Also we provide the troubleshoot to pair via Bluetooth. How can I backup messages from iPhone to Mac? Here we are going to show you how to get iPhone text messages on Mac with ease.

Besides, you can transfer contacts from iPhone without iTunes. Get multiple methods to sync iPhone to Android without any hassle. Reading this article and you can transfer contacts from iPhone to PC easily. Here is a safe way to transfer contacts, messages, apps, music, videos, and more from Symbian to iOS. You can transfer contacts and more from BlackBerry backup to iOS in one click. You can just pick out one of them to transfer data to your iOS device.

Read on to get the easy way of adding contacts to iPhone. Read the step-by-step guide for how to rotate videos on iPhone. Go on to read more. Read this post and you will get how to connect iPhone to TV following these esay steps. How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Computer Yosemite included This guide will help you to transfer music from iPhone to computer so that you can backup your iPhone music to computer or share the music with others.

Check in to have a try. This article will show you how to do it. This article helps you recover data from iPhone memory card. How to Backup Music from iPhone to Computer This article shows you how to backup all music on your iPhone to iTunes on your computer, including purchased music from iTunes store. This article shows you a list of top 20 iPhone music apps for free and offline. Go in and get the one for you. This article shows you a top list of free iPhone backup extractor.

Get in and find the one for you. Check in to read it. Click to get in and read the details now! Find the way for you now! This guide shows you 9 best iPhone data recovery software. Get in to pick one now!

How to Restore iPhone to Factory Settings This article shows you how to restore your iPhone to factory settings in different ways to meet different demands.

Check to find the one for you now! Different Ways to Restore iPhone from Backup on iTunes or iCloud This article tells you full solutions about how to restore iPhone from iTunes and iCloud backup files in different ways. Find the one available for you. It’s pretty easy. This article shows you two ways to get it done. There is such a simple way for you to transfer music to iPhone without iTunes on Mac and Windows computer. How to Transfer Music from iPhone to iPod Easily No matter you get the music for free or purchased it from iTunes Store or other websites, this article aims to tell you how to transfer music from iPhone to iPod easily and quickly.

How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Mac No matter where you get the music on your iPhone, this article shows you the way to transfer all music from your iPhone to Mac in one minute. Learn the 2 solutions immediately. How to Transfer Text Messages from iPhone to New iPhone or to Computer This article will tell you how to transfer text messages from iPhone to iPhone and how to transfer messages from iPhone to computer.

Check out the details now. This article shares you two ways to transfer contacts from iPhone to Gmail fast and safely. Download the software free trial version and follow the steps to do it easily. This article shares you with three ways to get this done. Check in for details now! There is a better way. You can transfer music from computer to iPhone within one click for any items.

Here you can also process Bluetooth sync iPhone easily. Just follow the tips to process iphone Wi-Fi sync safely. Get the best free online MP3 music converter here. Of course. This guide will teach you how to backup iPhone to iPad using iTunes and iCloud.

This task is not that difficult as you thought. This article will show you the easy steps. If you are looking for the answer, this guide will explain you how to get deleted text messages on iPhone. Here is the easiest way to transfer from LG to iPhone safely. Not enough space for your iPhone upgrading to iOS 8? This article will show you some useful tips and tricks to get this issue solved in minutes.

You can follow the step-by-step guide to get your iPhone messages printed. If you are encountering the “iPhone message send failure” and other iPhone messaging problems, you can get a solution here. All of them worth a try. Go in and take one now! This article collects 10 best iPhone ringtone apps for your choice.

Get in to choose one now! This article offers you a list of iPhone apps for business, students, families or Google syncing. Check it now! You can check radar apps and alert apps for different uses. This article shows you how to set up Google account on your iPhone and sync it in steps. Choose one for your iPhone now.

There must be one for your iPhone. Take a look at the detailed tutorial. The steps are very simple. How to Transfer Music from iPhone to iTunes Want to transfer music from iPhone to new computer or try to export music from iPhone to iTunes Library, read the article here.

How to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPhone This article tells you three easy ways to transfer pictures from computer to your iPhone without any hassle. You can do it using iCloud, Exchange and other ways. Go on and learn how to iPhone with iPad easily. Here are tips on how to sync iCal with iPhone and troubleshooting for iPhone calendar not syncing. Here we would like to tell you how to transfer apps from Android to iPhone and iPhone to Android, or transfer apps between Android and iPhone.

Find common issues and solution when syncing Gmail Calendar with iPhone. How to Sync Email to iPhone You can sync email to iPhone and increase or reduce the volume of mails displayed on your iPhone. Read on how to sync email to iPhone. Follow this safe way on how to sync apps to iPhone without erasing apps.

And find solution on common issues of iPhone contacts not syncing with address book. How to Transfer Purchases Music from iPhone to iTunes This article shows you how to transfer music purchased from iTunes stores, Amazon and other stores to iTunes library in 1 click. How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Computer Without iTunes If you want to transfer music from iPhone to computer without iTunes, then you’re supposed to follow the step-by-step guide in this article. This article tells you how to transfer songs from iPhone to computer intelligently.

Read this guide and you can learn how to sync iPhone to iCloud and how to sync iCloud to iPhone. You can get the very guide showing you how to sync HD video recorded to iTunes or Mac easily and conveniently.

Here you can get some help. This guide would show you the solution in details. Learn more about why you can’t transfer ringtone to your iPhone iPhone 5 included. Just follow simple steps to transfer pictures from iPhone to Macbook.

Here are 3 ways to transfer music from Mac to iPhone for you. No worries! This article will tell you how to recover lost data from broken iPhone. Assign Photos to Contacts and Activate Facebook Pictures for Contacts on iPhone This article tells you how to assign photos to contacts on iPhone as well as how to activate pictures for contacts on iPhone.

It helps you get any MP3 song for iPhone. How to Create Photo Albums on iPhone This article is not only a guide, telling you how to create photo albums on iPhone, but also offers you simple, easy ways to manage albums and photos. It is safe and easy. Here is how to do so. Top 10 Free iPhone iPhone 6s eBook Readers There are also some other fantastic iPhone 6s ebook readers besides iBooks you can download to read books on the device.



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