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Web development tools have come a long way since the dawn of the internet. For starters, we no longer need computers the size of refrigerators to build basic web pages. Actually, thanks to the power of cloud computing and a bevy of great SaaS businesses , we often don’t even need a powerful computer at all. From the most basic web browser, you can do everything from edit Jquery to stream the latest video games. But as the digital world evolves, so too has the role of a web developer.

Modern web developers are jacks and jills of all trades, expected to know their way around UI and UX design, prototyping, wire-framing, SEO and much, much more. This means it’s a lot of work. It also means you need the right tools in your digital toolbox. This is why, in this post, we’ve curated a list of the 50 best web development tools to help you build the perfect tech stack for When people speak about web development tools or devtools in the biz , they’re usually referring to the apps and software that allows web developers to test and debug the code and interface of a website or web application.

Technically, the term doesn’t refer to tools that actually help you build a webpage or app. But that distinction isn’t helpful. Web developers require a range of tools that go beyond debugging and testing—whether it be a remote collaboration tool like Slack, a design tool like Figma, or even just an online forum like StackOverflow.

For that reason, we’ve gone beyond the traditional definition of devtools with the aim of giving a realistic view of the kind of apps and software devs use in their day to day workflows.

We think you’ll find some familiar favourites, as well as some useful tools to add to your tech stack. Whether you’re bootstrapping a website from scratch or developing a simple web application, there are few things to keep in mind.

Foremost is something that applies to any tool: pick the right option for your specific needs. What works for one project might not work for the next. As a web developer, you constantly need to investigate new tools and ways of doing things. Of course, we all have our favourites, but as a general rule, your tech stack should never be stagnant.

There’s one other general principle to keep in mind. Tech should simplify your workflow—not complicate it. We know how easy it is to get bogged down in the nerdy details, but when in doubt, ask yourself: does this tool actually make my job easier? Functionality: Simply, what does each tool help achieve? Does it have a single purpose and can it be replaced by a more feature-rich option? Ease of use: Ensure that the tools that you have control over balance comprehensive features with actually being useable.

Scalability: At least some of the tools that you use should be scalable to both small and large projects. Portability: This may not be a game-changer in the age of remote work, but often web devs travel between clients, the office, home and the local cafe. Customisation: Whether it’s a theme on Google Chrome or an add-on for your development environment, we all like to make tools feel unique to us. Security: The security of users, your employer and the sites or apps you are working on always has to be looked after.

Cost: If you work for a fancy startup with cash to splash this may not be an issue, but most folks will have to shell out for their own web development tools. Make sure you are getting bang for your buck. Web development is an all-encompassing term that refers to a bunch of roles. You can split web development into two parts: client-side and server-side. Most of the time, web developers specialise in one of the two. The term stack is used because the tools that websites and apps use ‘stack’ on top of each other to build the final product.

Alright, as we Antipodeans say, no more beating around the bush. Let’s get into the list of the best web development tools we recommend using in A dev’s text editor of choice is kind of a holy thing—once devs find a text editor they love, they tend to stick with it for the long haul.

Which is why it’s such an important decision. It’s like a carpenter choosing his hammer, or a Jedi Knight choosing his lightsaber. The good news is you can’t go wrong with any listed below:. The creators of Atom describe it as a “hackable text editor for the 21st Century”. This is in reference to the insane levels of customisation it offers that allow you to make it uniquely yours.

Choose from thousands of open-source packages that add new functionality, tweak the look and feel with CSS, or even add your own major features with HTML and JavaScript. Using Atom really is a smooth experience.

It works with Mac, Windows or Linux and has all the features you would expect. Plus, there is a nice suite of real-time collaboration tools to help you work with a team.

Sublime Text is going to be at the top of any list of the best text editors. It doesn’t have all the advanced features other solutions do, but what it lacks in power, it more than makes up for with its beautiful appearance and overall ease of use.

The context-aware auto-completion feature is particularly useful. It suggests code based on your text, meaning you can cut down on repetitive typing. It supports 27 programming languages, synchronised edits and views, and uses Win32 API to produce a tiny program size and faster execution speed. This is also a good option for energy conscious users. By optimising as much as possible, Ho aims to use less CPU power and reduce power consumption, leading to a greener environment.

The cool thing about Vim is that it can be used for any type of text editing—from writing an email to posting blogs in Markup, or of course, editing HTML code. It runs everywhere and allows you to do anything from debugging code to inputting Git commands or creating Sass code.

There is a bevy of appearance options, including the ability to customise fonts, icons, layout and colour scheme. But the remote development features are what set it apart—you can use a container or a remote machine as a full-featured dev environment. He uses the remote plugins for version control and to keep our global dev team working in the same virtual environment.

Web application frameworks or just web frameworks are software libraries that are designed to help you build web services, resources and APIs. Choosing the right framework for your project is super important. This is a big decision and this is only meant as an overview of options, so be sure to do further research before deciding on one. Django is a high-level Python framework built by expert developers and used by giant web apps like Reddit, Instagram and Uber.

In a nutshell, Django makes it easier to build great web apps. They achieve this by encouraging clean design and swift development. One of the greatest strengths of Django is its community. Ruby on Rails is a favourite in the dev community. So why choose Rails? It has a clean design language, an intuitive workflow, and seamlessly integrates with third-party applications. It allows solo web developers to swiftly get projects off the ground and make changes on the fly.

Angular or Angularjs is a popular Javascript framework created and maintained by Google. React React. Made specifically for building user interfaces, it makes it painless to create interactive UIs in a visual way. A component-based system means that individual components manage their own state, and can then be composed to build complex UIs. React can also render on a server using Node, and with React Native you can power mobile apps as well.

React is one of the most popular of the many JavaScript frameworks available. As with other leading frameworks, Vue allows you to take a webpage and split it up into reusable components. Meteor APM also provides real-time metrics so you can monitor how your app is running. Boasting almost 14, packages, over half a million unique installs and used by companies like Ikea, Qualcomm and Honeywell, Meteor is a strong option. Alright, by now this is a familiar story.

Prepare for the buzzwords and giant tech companies. NET is a free, cross-platform, open source framework for building web apps and services developed by Microsoft.

What sets it apart from other frameworks is that it uses C instead of JavaScript. Try Paperform Now! Bootstrap is a leading open-source CSS framework created by a bunch of the developers behind Twitter ever heard of it? It features Sass variables and mix-ins so you can assign variables to a name and refer to it rather than the value itself , extensive prebuilt components and comprehensive JavaScript plugins.

In a first for front-end frameworks, it also comes with its own SVG icon library designed to work with your Bootstrap sites. What they mean by this is that the tool uses words and classes as exchangeable concepts, giving you the same benefits as BEM without the headache. The folks at Foundation refer to their tool as “the most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world”, which is certainly setting the bar high.

Though it really is suitable for any device, medium and level of accessibility. Materialize is a modern framework based on Google’s Material Design language, combining the classic principles of design with innovation and tech. As a language its goal is to help unify user experience across any platform, which is fitting, as this is a focus at Materialize as well. From the animations to UI elements and everything between, there’s a real focus on user experience above all else.

That’s not to say the technical tools aren’t there. They are. It’s fast, robust and has a low learning curve. Chrome DevTools is the name for the web development tools built into the Google Chrome web browser. We love Svelte for two reasons.

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